SL 145

Spaces available

approx. 2.200m², in approx. 15 months, Can be split (200-1,000m²)

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The first programmable building

This building is all about flexibility. As in a computer, rooms can be freely configurated. And if you wish to have a new room partitioning after a couple of years, all you simply need to do is to perform an update! SL 145 offers leeway for all office options from the airy individual office to the open space office.

The two 100-year old beech trees in the atrium, which are integrated in the construction through the architectural concept, are indeed eye-catching. The panorama glazing to the atrium and the huge windows create a light working environment and make SL 145 into a futuristic eye-catcher.

Ideal for:

  • Ground floor: Studio, storage, trade or catering (2 units of approx. 410 m² with a ceiling height of 4.3 m)
  • 1st top floor: Office space (approx. 800 m², can be split into 2 rental units)
  • 2nd top floor: Office space (approx. 480 m², can be split into 2 rental units)

Architect: smo Architektur, Köln