Belvederebrücke and TRIOTOP-Platz

All roads lead to TRIOTOP – as of June 2010, this also applies to a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. The "Belvederebrücke" bridge, approx. 100 meters in length, provides a quick route to the Vogelsang and Müngersdorf districts. It bridges the four-lane Militärringstraße and the three-track railway line and therefore provides safe access for pedestrians and cyclists to the sports facilities in Müngersdorf, the recreation area "Grüngürtel" and TRIOTOP. The Belvederebrücke also provides quick access to other Cologne districts, namely Junkersdorf, Lövenich and Widdersdorf in the west, and Braunsfeld, Ehrenfeld and Bickendorf in the east.

At the foot of the Belvederebrücke, TRIOTOP-Platz provides a space in which to pass the time and relax, or to find out a little about the history behind TRIOTOP: Bronze reliefs located around the square document how this part of the city has undergone and will continue to undergo its transformation from farmland to the TRIOTOP Cologne business and country park in the years 1893 to 2020. The first two of a series of seven reliefs are already on display.